Humanity Gifts Registry

Pennsylvania's Full Body "Donation" Program.

It's All about the Relationship

A gift to science

Since 1921, the Hancock family name has been virtually synonymous with the Humanity Gifts Registry. We have served those desiring to consign their loved ones remains in the furtherance of medical science and research to the Humanity Gifts Registry of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (formerly known as the "Anatomical Board"), across the entire eastern part of the state. We maintain a full time, dedicated staff that provides this service 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day and we do so at a very reasonable rate. We do NOT utilize outside, unaffiliated, "removal men", or a "removal service". Some less experienced funeral homes try to provide this unique service, but you should be careful when taking such a chance. There are many details associated with "donation", for example, you want to be assured that your loved one is transferred to the proper facility. Further, you don't want an unexpectedly exorbitant bill. Unfortunately, we have been told of families who have unnecessarily received a bill for thousands of dollars.

We are available to serve virtually every county from central, south central, north eastern, and all of south eastern Pennsylvania. Also, we are available to consult with you 24 hours a day for other areas of Pennsylvania so you can rest assured your loved ones wishes are being followed as closely  as possible. 

Before you use a less experienced funeral home, ask yourself if it's worth the risk. Because of our long term experience with the Humanity Gifts Registry, we are uniquely able to provide you and your family with assistance and guidance in this important decision.  Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We’ve got years of experience. Together, we’ll guide and assist you during this difficult time. If you're ready to discuss the options, or simply have questions about our services, please call us at (215) 332-1099, or send us an email inquiry.